The Olympics Make The World Stop

The Olympic games bring athletes from all over the world to compete in various sporting events. Events that aren’t usually highlighted anywhere else, such as curling, track & field, handball, skiing, and more. It’s an amazing outlet to show off your patriotism regardless of your origins.

It’s the one place where the entire world comes together, works together, and embraces unity. If you’ve ever noticed, anytime the Olympics commence, the world just stops. Meaning, all of the world tensions, feuds, and disputes are put aside for that 2-3 week period. No matter how critical those tensions might be, it’s almost an unwritten rule that when the Olympics are taking place, everything must be put on hold.

Recently, tensions within the United States have hit an all time high with Donald Trump making numerous publicly criticized moved, and statements. Tensions with Russia, and in even more recently, with North Korea and their nuclear missile testing.

Well, the Olympics began just a few days ago, and if one took notice, all of that takes a backseat in terms of garnering headlines. Feuds have haunted, there has been less talk of the political divide within the United States, tensions around the world seize.

The greatest example of the Olympics’ power would be the unity between North and South Korea. The two nations have put aside all disputes, and have worked together in numerous aspects to host the entire world in their own backyard. The two nations have even joined forces to put together a Korean hockey team. A month ago, if one said to ‘North Korea, and South Korea would work together to put anything together,’ you would assume they were outside their mind.

Ladies, and gentleman… The power of the Olympic games at their finest.

So yes, it’s great to be a patriot on cheer on the nation you call home. Yes, it’s great to see unique sporting events such as curling, snowboarding, and track in the spotlight for a change. Yes, it’s great to see the top athletes in the world all compete in one place.

Most importantly, it’s great because the world becomes one, even if only for a few weeks. It’s truly miraculous. The Olympics are one of the greatest man-made implementations ever created, as it’s a spectacle where similarities are seen as first priority rather than differences.

So while we watch the world’s top athletes in awe, lets take a moment to realize the impact the Olympics have on the grand scheme. The Olympics truly make the world stop, and it’s beyond awesome.

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