Project Nico

Project NICO

What Is Project Nico?

Project Nico is developing project that looks to accomplish several goals regarding Switzerland relations & culture within North America. The first phase of this initiative would simply to present as much information & resources accessible as possible.

Switzerland is a country in this world that is often overlooked. It sits right in the middle of one of the busiest continents on this planet, and because of its’ recognized neutrality around the world, isn’t always a consistent historic staple when examining the modern world today. North America in particular seems to indulge in Swiss culture to a scarce degree, ultimately distorting many views & opinions on the historic nation. Project Nico seeks to provide clarity as to how Switzerland has thrived, & to this day, should be considered a close ally of not only the United States, but all of North America.

As the project advances, UBD will seek to provide original content that will embed Swiss Culture in a neutral and honorable force in not only North America, but ideally around the world.

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