Don’t Pay $1,000 For A Phone

Listen, it’s understandable, we all want the latest, and greatest mobile device. Even when our own device is less than a year old, companies are brilliant at making consumers feel their phone is dated or obsolete. Whether its Samsung, Google, Apple, Pair, Peach, or Plum, consumers always feel pressured into buying the latest, and greatest.

I’m as guilty as much as the next person. That overwhelming feeling that you need to have the newest phone available. I know countless people who have the newest device every time a company releases their newest product.

Look at the recent reports of Apple slowing down battery life after two years (oh, you mean the same amount of time most phone contracts last… Interesting). If this isn’t the definition of feeling a company’s pressure to buy their newest device then I don’t know what is.

Especially with today’s mobile devices, the upgrade from one model to the next has become extremely minimal, some to the point of almost unnoticeable.

The latest innovation that you can claim to be ‘noticeable’ would be Apple’s iPhone X, and its’ massive bezel free screen.

So one is going to pay excess of $1,000 so they can use face ID, and those animated emoji things we’ve seen in recent commercials? Does that seem worth it?

Keep in mind, it’s a phone. As in, its’ original purpose was to make, and receive phone calls to be in constant communication (usually for work related reasons). Yes, now phones are essentially mini computers, as one could do almost as much on a smartphone as they could on most laptops in today’s world.

Now, I’m not telling you that the iPhone X is the worst purchase out there, or it’s a waste of money. If you had the money to throw down a grand on a phone, good for you, that’s awesome!

I’m going to play the ‘show me, don’t tell me’ game, and go down a list of items you could have purchased instead of the $1,000 mobile device. Maybe when you see the items you could have bought for equal or lesser value, a switch might turn on.

So without further interruption…

  • 13.3 Macbook Air: $845- So, phone or laptop… Same company, but for some reason the phone (which will be ‘obsolete’ within 3-4 years) is priced $150 more. Laptops will usually last a minimum of 4-5 years if taken care of properly. But again… ANIMATED EMOJIS! YES! Moving on…
  • Rock And Recline Shiatsu Brookstone Massage Chair: $849- Massage chairs aren’t always the first thing that comes to mind when one has a little extra money to spend. But when one passes a Brookstone while holiday shopping, all of a sudden we are instantly reminded of how great they can be. You can purchase a unique reclining massage chair directly from Brookstone, or from Amazon for a cool $849 ($150 less than an iPhone X)
  • Samsung Front Load Washing Machine: $999- Yes, you can buy a washing machine for the same prices as phone. Welcome to 2018, folks! Some may not need a washing machine, but for those who do, and are considering the iPhone X, keep in mind you can purchase a top notch washing machine for the same price. Priorities people… Priorities…
  • LG Bottom Freezer Refrigerator: $999– Ok, maybe you’re not in the market for a fridge at the moment. But the fact you have an option to grab a full size refrigerator for the same price as a phone… It’s one of those things that just baffles me.
  • Samsung 65″ 4K Smart TV: $949- This one is hysterical. You can go buy an iPhone X with that massive screen that covers the entire frontside of the phone, or you can go buy a 65″ 4K UHD TV that potentially could take up a third of your living room. So, just think about that.

You get the idea… There are countless appliances/electronics/etc. that just seem like a better bargain when you take a step back, and think about it. I was hesitant to drop $600-$700 on a new smartphone, but reluctantly did. As for a price tag exceeding $1,000… I’m not so sure.

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