Clips & TRAILers

Clips & TRAILers’ is an ALL-NEW engaging segment that seeks to highlight and bring designated video clips to light for one reason or another. Some of these clips may be a trailer for an upcoming movie or tv show, an official music video, a recent news interview, or even a homemade YouTube video. The idea of this segment is for readers & viewers to indulge in the provided clip & accompanying synopsis. If one pays close enough attention, there just might be another form of trail they can follow.

LATEST– Alec Baldwin Opens Up About Tragic On Set Shooting of Halyna Hutchins

Baldwin relays his general thoughts of a current ongoing investigation in which Photographer Director, Halyna Hutchins was tragically killed in a movie set accident during the filming of the movie, ‘Rust’. Baldwin was informed by Assistant Director Dave Halls that the gun he personally handed Baldwin was not a live weapon, and it was absolutely safe to use. Hutchins last words were, “That was no good. That was no good at all,” before she was pronounced dead around an hour later. It is reported that Hutchins was in support of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees strike which was anticipated to go into effect just days after her on-set death.

UBD upload date: 11/6/2021

Swedish House Mafia- Save the World Music Video

This week’s clip of the week is a music video pulled directly from YouTube from the ever so popular, Swedish House Mafia. One of their most popular singles was released back in 2011, with it one of the more meaningful music video productions ever produced.

UBD Upload Date: 11/3/2021